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The Shed- Original Painting

The Shed- Original Painting


Sheffield Fern 2023. Acrylic on Canvas

White Bespoke Wooden Frame Included.


Previously exhibited at Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield 2023




  • The Story

    The old boy oozes character showing years gone by. His soul blissfully taken over by nature. He has a kinder heart than when he was new because he’s happier now he’s at one with his surroundings. The Ivy has embraced his mind and the weeds with small critters have filled his inner being. He has grown to be an anchor so nature can house the birds and the bugs around him which gives him more purpose than ever before. He was used as an outside toilet back in his younger years. He’s met a range of characters, some he loved- they kept him well- others, weren’t so kind. He now sits in the sunshine flashing glimpses of past orange layers - not forgetting his history and proudly showing off his mildew gained from bad weather. He stands strong - a testament to a tough life in which he truly shows his beauty from within. The sun shines on him now and he smiles for us. Floyd is sitting in his Acers pot- because the garden was a place where he would spend his last days. Lapping up the sun and curiously taking in the flowers scent. Sweet summer days-filled with love- bringing the shed another thing to smile about. 

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