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A few examples of  commissions


Banner Cross Pharmacy- Ecclesall Road 

Created for the Boss from an employee as a birthday gift. The pharmacy is situated within a  beutiful old building so I really enjoyed working with this.  Included is a little homage to the artist who crerated the pharmacy mural on the side wall. You can view this painting for yourself at the pharmacy on Ecclesall Road- Sheffield. 

Acrylic on Canvas 12x 10 Inches 


Maternity Portrait 

Cherishing the magic of new life. This portrait was created with the sitter as her bump enlarged.

Baby arrived on the same day that the painting was completed which I thought that was pretty special.  This baby wasn't due til a later date.

I loved creating this portrait. The bright colours and  texture made it all feel very linked to the magical journey of bringing new life into the world. 

Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 12 Inches 





This sunset scene of Indy was created using the ashes of Indy himself. It creates a little texture to the painting itseld. It was an usual but wondeful journey creating this. Between myself, Indys human, and the painting, we experienced some quite unusal and unexplainable things. It all felt extremley spiritual and Indy lead me the whole way. The painting now hangs over Indys spot by the front door. Seen from all rooms of the house to bring joy and love. 


It was an absolutely beautiful journey to work with Indy. 

Acrylic & Ash on Canvas 12x 10 Inches 




A commission to create my second painting of Ronnie. He was a lot more puppy the first time around. Showing Ronnie here with the finest head of beautiful hair. This chap has so much character and was a pleasure to paint again. 

Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 12 Inches 



Brixton Village-London

Brixton Village

A sunny day in Brixton Village. My client, like many others was a fan of the colourful Wig Bazaar which sadly closed its doors in this unit in September 2020. A quirky store gone following the Covid pandemic. Saddened to see it go, we decided to capture it here as it was. Brixton village has been an inspiration for many artists over the years. Situated in the heart of south London. A local haunt for myself as well as the client. We also included 'Ginger' A famously known cat here for hanging out with anyone and everyone. A very friendly boy who belongs to CornerCopia. He has also now left the area with his owners. This painting took me a long time to complete as i really wanted to capture the daily hussle of local visitors. Having moved away from London during its process, Creating this made me miss Brixton Village even more. I feel very lucky to have been commissioned on such a piece.

Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20 Inches 


Ecclesall Bluebells- Sheffield

Created for a local resident of Sheffield with a love for Ecclesall Bluebells. Being a special place for myself too- I really enjoyed putting this together. I chose a section of the woods that backs onto the large open bird sanctuary. It is a spot where the ancient trees hug you on arrival and quite often the hammering of a woodpecker is close by. I feel that each knarly tree has its own story to tell, coming back to life each year to bloom its leaves as it has done for centuries. Nature is a true instigator of inner peace and this little spot- Is certainly one of the most peaceful. The bluebells here cover a whopping 85% of the woodlands. Beauiful.  

I do feel very glad to have been given such a perfect spot to preserve in time. 

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 10 Inches 


Ecclesall Bluebells

Polly- The Red Poll Cow

Red Poll Cow

Created for an owner of Red Poll cattle.

She has such a grenuine love for these wonderful creatures. Painting Polly was a true joy and capturing her softness is hopefully something I have managed to convey. 

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 10 Inches 



A day at the beach. Now theres a lot going on here but i was so happy to create a piece that shows such a wonderful friendship between two children. They are cousins and best of friends too. Created from two images and a little artistic licence. 

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 16 Inches 


Portrait Beach

Ronnie & Jorge 

A beautiful pet portrait created for a clients neighbour. Ronnie and Jorge tolerate eachother but I guess they think they are both man of the manor. Hansome boys.

The scene was created from multiple images of Ronnie the Spaniel,Jorge the Tabby and the neighbours garden. 

Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 10 Inches 



A true West Ham united fan with his dog.

I was honoured to be asked to paint this man and his daughters dog as i have personally met them both. I could feel the love he has for both Hurcule the dog and West Ham united Football Club. I must admit that Hurcule has very unique colourings and this was a new challenge for me alongside his super curls. What a handsome boy though. 

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 9 Inches 


Alan & Hurcule.JPG

The House

Family Home

Created for a clients friend. This is her family home in which she once lived.

He is standing in the doorway here. The family had a personal connection with the no parking sign at the front and including this was something she felt would make her friend laugh. I was also asked in to include her late father in the doorway, the motorbike and doorsign (repaired) to bring a memory back to life. 

I really enjoyed putting this together and feel that the receiver will most certainly be smiling at it for a while in her new home.

Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 16 Inches 


Krystal #2

This is my second painting of Krystal. A beautiful Black & White Staffordshire bull terrier who is very missed by her family. 

This image was passed to me from my client who wanted a painting for his parents (the couple in the photo) 

Although I never met Krystal myself, I could tell that this girl meant the world to my client and his family alike. After painting her first portrait some time ago, I found her spirit really came to life in this image. The love shown here is simply beautiful. 

What a beautiful scene I had the privilege of painting. 

Acrylic on canvas 20 x 16 Inches

Krystal Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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