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Meersbrook Hall-Ruskins Museum
  • Meersbrook Hall-Ruskins Museum


    Meersbrook Hall-Ruskins Museum painting 2023


    Original painting available

    Acrylic on Canvas with bespoke black wooden frame and mount

    Painting size 18 X 14 Inches

    Size with mount & frame 22.5 x 19 Inches


    Small Giclee print

    Image size 6 x 8 Inches

    8 x 10 inches with mount


    Medium Giclee Print

    Image size 8 x 10 Inches  

    10 x 12 inches with mount


    Large Giclee Print

    Image size 10 x 12  Inches

    12 x 14 inches with mount


    Using only the best inks with a blue wool scale rating of 6, which means light fastness for 85+ years.

    300gsm, 100% Cotton Rag Smooth Fine art paper. 
    It’s ultra smooth surface has a soft velvet feel. 


    Mount is included with all prints including backing and bag so its eady to frame.


    Bespoke Frames are available on request. Please contact me for details. 

    Text is not visible on print- This is for copywrite purposes only


    • The Story

      When I had my first walk through Meersbrook Park in Sheffield I found myself feeling quite tired not being used to such hills (I am from London) I sat myself down to take a moment off my feet as the view was beautiful. Returning down the hill, I spotted what I now know to be Meersbrook Hall. I knew then that I would have to paint this.

      Going home to look into what the building was, I was linked to John Ruskin. A man I have heavily researched when living in London. On discovering that this was indeed Ruskins Museum from 1890 through to the 1950's and the view from the Hill was indeed the view in which JMWTurner had presented to us in 1797 there were too many coincidences for me not to create this as an artist.

      I have tried to show that nature has surrounded this building over the years- Something Mr Ruskin had specifically said that he had wanted for his museum. Little has changed with the building since his time but I have included some of the things that are no longer in existance today which were at the time the Museum was opened.

      Nature creates its own art in Meersbrook Park now. Animals play in it and us humans still enjoy it.

      Meersbrook Hall is a beautiful piece of Sheffield history. Currently the offices of Sheffield City Council but once the home of the Shore family of Norton, built by Benjamin Roebuck around 1759 and used as one of Sheffields first banks by 1770. When this collapsed in 1778 The Shores took over their partnership with Roebuck and the estate too. The bank continued trading until 1843 when the Shores had to auction the estate to pay off thier debts- it ended up in the hands of a lawyer and eventually, London stockbrokers in 1885. The Sheffield cooperation bouth the land back for £7,500 in 1885.

      John Ruskins museum brought this place back to life with 3000 visitors arriving each day. His 'museum' is now known as The Millenium Gallery in the City Centre where you will also find JMW Turners viewpoint from the hill. Not quite surrounded by nature but I am grateful to see Ruskins collections being treasured to this very day. 

      A homage to John Ruskin 

      If you look closely enough at this painting, You will find Ruskins Name. 


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