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Sheffield Fern-Original Painting
  • Sheffield Fern-Original Painting


    Sheffield Fern 2023. Acrylic on Canvas

    White wooden frame Included


    Previously exhibited at Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield 2023




    • The Story

      When I first moved to Sheffield from London in 2022 I began a discovery of raw beauty. I wandered alongside the river Sheaf which was gently babbling through Millhouses park. We stayed and made sketches. He taught me to have a little more confidence and I began to take him everywhere with me. With so much to explore here, maybe he could instruct me on how to do things better. I had been instantly overwhelmed by nature and its beauty. My mind lost in art- I sit a while- take it in- this is my new home and the start of something wonderful. My friend is with me- but is physically still in London-I can feel the magical energy in the air. I am finally here- exactly where I should be. Sheffield.

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